The Summing Up of Tarzan

After finishing the book one more time I’ve decided that you can’t really review a book like this one. Taken at it’s basis it’s a juvenile work. Having said that, you have to let it appeal to the juvenile in you. If you have to sit and wonder how Tarzan can constantly find vines to swing through the trees then it’s not for you. I did like the introduction of D’Arnot in the last part of the book. I think he appears more in subsequent books but I can’t remember at the moment.

The next book will be Marie, by H Rider Haggard. This is the first story in which Allan Quartermain appears. I think he’s come to the attention of a lot of people after the movie version of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. I’ve never read any of his stories. It’ll be interesting to see what I think.

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I had this story from one who had no business to tell it to me…

…is the way in which the story begins. This is another classic feature of a ripping tale. The entire idea of either a story discovered in some old dusty piece of furniture, or the relation of events from someone. We see this in stories like the Sherlock Holmes books, and many others. What I’ve always enjoyed about authors using this manner to begin a book is the scope that it gives them to add into an existing body of work many years later. You can write a “new” Holmes story by claiming that your great uncle left you some mouldy old bureau that had a secret drawer with a manuscript tucked inside!

Tarzan is beginning well. As is usual with stories from the time period, non Caucasoid races are not faring well. With this genre you have to really exercise your ability to take things in context of the time no matter how distasteful they can sometimes be. The same applies to suspending your disbelief when it comes to our hero’s ability to teach himself to read from merely finding books in the cabin. My mantra when I read these sorts of books is to “read like an 8 year old” and this is not a slam on the kids! I wish I could treat everything the way that they do sometimes!

Here is a *LINK* to a great Tarzan related site that also contains information about the author and his family.

I’ve just passed the point in the story ( at 3 in the morning, thank you very much insomnia 😐 ) where Jane Porter has come into the story. The best part about this section of the book is when her father and his assistant wander off into the jungle and get chased by a large cat. Hilarious.

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The next book up to be read, or in this case re-read, is Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This is one of my personal favourites and I’m sure this will be at least the tenth read.

The Wiki on Burroughs


and on Tarzan


If you would like to read along here is the link to the epub version of the book.


And here is the link to the HTML version of the book ( in case you don’t have an e-reader 😉 )


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