Fabricators Extraordinaire!

The ability of people to make items that appear in their heads will never cease to amaze me. Whether it’s on paper, on your desktop, or something to wear on your body the creative folk out there continually make me question how I managed to miss the day when creativity was handed out.

Datamancer is the home of some of the most incredible computer hardware of the Victorian age that you will ever see. *LINK*

Slipperyskip, while more towards the Art Deco designs of the 20’s and 30’s ( and maybe a little out of the scope of this blog ), also shows anĀ opennessĀ of method and the sharing of technique that I love about the online makers I have stumbled across. I love viewing the “how to” articles even if I will likely never get to do it myself. *LINK*

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Further examples of art in assemblage:

Found this over at Dark Roasted Blend this morning. Good for a jaw drop! You have to see the Steam Punk motorcycles.


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Steampunk Robot Art Pieces

I stumbled across a great gallery of robots over at Web Urbanist. Scroll all the way through it to see some great works.


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